Earth - Moon - Earth (EME), is a method of long range communication where by radio signals are 'bounced' off the moon surface. Any two locations on earth with the moon visible to their antennas can conduct radio contact via the moon with the appropriate equipment. Only approximately 10% of the signal that reaches the moon is reflected back to earth. The more antenna gain you have and the more transmitter power you can run, the more success you will have with EME. Your stations loss and noise figures are also quite important factors, as well as your local QRM.

Most EME contacts are conducted on bands 144 MHz, 432 MHz and 1296 MHz. Larger stations comprise of over 8 yagi antennas or large dishes at 1296 MHz. Stations must be able to point their antennas at the moon or wait until the moon nears moon rise or moon set.

The earliest I can find records of my earth moon earth contacts are OCTOBER 2003 with RN6BN on 144 MHz. Im not really into EME these days as there is not a great deal of variability in it, it becomes fairly boring, a bit like a satellite contact. But I will turn up on the moon now and then or by request.

This is a list of some of the stations that I have made radio contact with by reflection from the moon:

1296 MHz (23cm band)
DF3RU - Germany
DJ9YW - Germany
G4CCH - England
JA6AHB - Japan
PA3FXB - The Netherlands
RD3DA - Russia
432 MHz (70cm band)
HB9Q - Switzerland
144 MHz (2m band)
DF2ZC - Germany
DF7KF - Germany
DH3YAK - Germany
DJ7OF - Germany
DK1CO - Germany
DK3WG - Germany
DK4TG - Germany
DK5YA - Germany
DK5WL - Germany
DK8ZJ - Germany
DL7FF - Germany
DL7UAE - Germany
DL8EBW - Germany
DL8GP - Germany
DL9MS - Germany
DL9GS - Germany
EA6VQ - Balearic Islands
EA5SE - Spain
EA1YV - Spain
ES6RQ - Estonia
F8DO - France
F9HS - France
G4FUF - England
G4ZFJ - England
HB9Q - Switzerland
I2FAK - Italy
I2RV - Italy
I6BQI - Italy
IK1UWL - Italy
IK7EZN - Italy
JH2COZ - Japan
JM1GSH - Japan
KG6DX - Guam
OH7HXH - Finland
OH7PI - Finland
OK1CU - Czech Republic
OK1UGA - Czech Republic
OK2DL - Czech Republic
OM3BC - Slovakia
ON4IQ - Belgium
ON4GG - Belgium
OZ1LPR - Denmark
PA0JMV - Netherlands
PA1GYS - Netherlands
PA2CHR - Netherlands
PA3CMC - Netherlands
PA3DZL - Netherlands
PA3CSG - Netherlands
PA3FPQ - Netherlands
PA5KM - Netherlands
PE1BTX - Netherlands
PE1L - Netherlands
RA3AQ - Russia
RK3FG - Russia
RN6BN - Russia
RU1AA - Russia
RX1AS - Russia
RV3IG - Russia
S52LM - Slovenia
SP2OFW - Poland
SP6GWB - Poland
UA4AQL - Russia
VK7MO - Australia
W5UN - America
ZS5LEE - South Africa


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